Karl Marx Bank Cards Are a Hit in Germany.

Karl Marx is known as a German philosopher, economist, socialist, historian, and revolutionary. Aside from The Communist Manifesto (1848) he was the author of Capital (1867–1894), a critical analysis of capitalism as political economy, meant to reveal the economic flaws of the capitalist mode of production.

So it seems odd that a bank in Germany is putting the image of Marx-- the man who foretold the end of capitalism and the triumph of communism on its credit cards. Even stranger, the image was selected in a crowd-sourced competition by Germans whose forebearers suffered under Communist control for decades.

Reuters reports that more than a third of customers at Sparkasse Bank in Chemnitz opted for the picture of a bronze bust of the bearded 19th century German-born philosopher.

Marx's stern face is depicted gazing towards the logo of Mastercard.

Perhaps they’re just used to seeing Marx on financial documents. Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, East Germany had Marx's face on their 100-Mark banknotes.

Source: Reuters and NPR


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