Keeping It Cool: The Value Of Composure In A Fast World

Guest Author Flen Mobley is a college student with an affinity for reading, entrepreneurship, and wearing the perfect fit to feel like the sharpest man in the world. He's a visionary that's set on building a fulfilling future. 

In a fast, chaotic—and at times obscene—world, we all face challenges and endure times of pressure. Keeping your cool when everything is smooth sailing is easy. The real skill lies in doing so when you find yourself in choppy waters, or when your world is a downright storm.

Maintaining composure is valuable in many walks and scenarios of life. Individuals in positions of management or leadership especially need to understand the value of composure because they often face difficult situations and people. Would you want to be lead by someone who flies off the handle all too easily and keeps everyone around at the mercy of emotional whims? Probably not. As a cool, composed leader you can gain the confidence of those around you and get better results in fulfilling objectives through times of adversity.

In addition to the workplace, maintaining a confident presence with self-control can be a real difference maker in more social or casual situations. Body language is a powerful form of communication and can mean a lot because others take small cues from our countenance and nonverbal behavior, using these to form mental judgments and react in a manner consequential to the situation. Staying cool, calm, and collected can make you more socially attractive and appealing. What made James Bond such a bold, iconic figure? His ability to remain calm and confident in nearly any situation, for one. You may not necessarily defeat deadly villains on a regular basis or get all the girls like Agent 007, but you’ll at least do better at gaining acquaintances and even winning the second date.

Here are three simple keys to keeping your cool through times of anxiety or adversity and handling what life throws at you:

1) Breathe

Take a moment to notice how you feel physically. Slowly take a few deep breaths and ease the tension. Relax and begin to give yourself a chance to regain mental focus.

2) Assess The Situation(s)

Give yourself time to process what’s going on. Finding a solution may take some time but at least take a real look at what you’re dealing with. Consider the possibilities.

3) Don’t Overreact

Overreacting often makes a situation worse. The worst part about overreaction is that often when a person overreacts it’s based on a misunderstanding or incorrect assessment of the situation. Knee-jerk reactions can have long term damage.

At times it really is hard to stay calm in this fast-paced world, especially for those for that are more emotionally volatile. As humans we won’t always make the best choices but following the concept of composure can make life better and more manageable. The key is to keep a balance. You don’t want to be panicky yet you don’t want to be lifeless either. Whether you’re running late for work and adverse situations keep popping up along the way, or you’re dealing with someone difficult, keeping your cool can make you a winner out of an initially losing situation. Remember: Unless it really is the imminent end of the world and civilization as we know it, it’s not the end of the world.
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