Kellogg’s Opens a Pop-up “Tweet Shop” in London to Launch Special K Cracker Crisps”

As part of Kellogg’s launch of “Special K Cracker Crisps” in the U.K. the company decided to engage two recent social activities—a pop-up shop, and the use of Twitter.

Mixing experiential marketing and product sampling, Kellogg’s has set up shop in London’s SoHo neighborhood, where “The Tweet Shop” is exchanging tweets (with a hashtag #tweetshop) for a box of its new crisps. Tweets are displayed on large LCD screens at the pop-up shop.

Kellogg’s says Special K Cracker Crisps has “game changing” incremental sales potential for the category in the UK as the brand targets women who love crisps, but see them as a guilty pleasure to be avoided.

Ian MacKenzie, snacks marketing controller at Kellogg’s, explained: “Historically big game changing innovation has driven big jumps in category growth for crisps such as Pringles and Doritos. We believe Special K Cracker Crisps will be the next big driver of such growth by tapping into the huge market of women who want the best of both from crisps – all of the want and taste but none of the worry or guilt.

Made from potato and wheat, Special K Cracker Crisps come in three tasty flavors: sea salt and balsamic vinegar, sweet chilli and sour cream and onion.

Image source: Pocket Lint

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