KFC hires a Chief Chicken Officer

The often ceremonial titles of Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Creative Officer, and Chief Customer Officer have been handed out in corporate board rooms looking to shine a light on strategic company goals.

So, for the company which used to claim "We do Chicken Right," the title of "Chief Chicken Officer" seems like a no-brainer.

KFC says the CCO will act as a spokesman for the roll out of the chain's new Cook Certification Program, a quality-control program positioned as a way to maintain Colonel Sanders' high standards.

Aaron Person is the man assigned to be the Chief. He'll star in the company's advertising, and in videos designed to reiterate how to best prepare the chain's original fried-chicken recipe.

KFC may need a Chief Chicken Officer, especially if the CCO can sort through their dual-headed and rather confusing strategy of grilled vs fried. There's no doubt that KFC has confused consumers over the years with their attempts to broaden their appeal and cater to more consumers. In their attempts to stay competitive with more health-conscious alternatives, they've lost their focused brand image.

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