Kilted: Men in Kilts is fusing fantasy, fashion and window washing

Movies, TV, and advertisers have done much to promote the sexual fantasy and masculine energy around window washers.

Second only to "the pool boy," a physically fit, daredevil of a man straddling a window ledge can create fantastic fantasies.

Now add to that daredevil persona, a kilt--another form of risk-taking.

"Not only will they wash your windows and clean your gutters, they'll do it wearing a smile and a kilt." says Vancouver's Express TV.

The folks at Men in Kilts provide professional window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing and siding cleaning services to both residential and commercial customers--all the time wearing the traditional Scottish garb.

The company was started in Canada by the executive credited with helping propel brands like 1-800-GOT-JUNK from $15 million to over $130 million in revenue. They're now expanding into the States, starting up in Seattle.

Not wanting to play too much to the fantasy aspect of Men in Kilts, the founder publicly states: “The kilts are fun and they definitely help create an experience for our customers, but it’s exceptional service that generates the buzz and growth we’ve experienced.”

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