Kodak Gallery was just dropped off on Shutterfly's doorstep

First it was the shuttering of Koadachrome; then Kodak digital cameras stopped coming off the assembly line; then the lights of the Kodak Theater in Hollywood went dark before the Academy Awards; and now, as they manuevor through bankruptcy court, The Eastman Kodak Company has announced it is dropping off its Kodak Gallery on Shutterfly's doorstep for around $24 million.

“This sale is consistent with our objective of focusing Kodak on a core set of businesses in which we can most profitably leverage our technology and brand strengths,” Kodak CMO Pradeep Jotwani said in a statement.

Kodak Gallery allows people to upload, share, and print photographs. The site's 75 million accounts will be transferred over to Shutterfly along with their images.

Source: Venturebeat

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