Legendary Architecture Critic Paul Goldberger Named Vanity Fair Contributing Editor

Pulitzer Prize–winning Architecture Critic Paul Goldberger who has written for The New Yorker (since 1997), and The New York Times (beginning in 1973) has just built himself a new home at Vanity Fair. He'll be a Contributing Editor, writing about architecture and design for the magazine.

“I’ve known Graydon a long time, and this is something he has talked about for awhile,” Mr. Goldberger said. “When he heard I might be leaving the critic’s post at The New Yorker, he called again, and things sort of progressed from there.”

This is an appointment that thrills me profoundly,” Vanity Fair's Graydon Carter said. “Paul is about as gifted a commentator on architecture, urban planning, and design as anyone you’re going to find these days — in other words, he’s just a brilliant writer.”

“Graydon’s eager to do a broad range of things on design and I’m excited to be doing that,” Mr. Goldberger said. “And I’m not being coy, we haven’t figured out exactly what the parameters are yet, but there will certainly be stories that are design-oriented, not strictly architecture.”

Sources: FishbowlNY and The NY Observer

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