McDonald's fails to appease with its new, healthier Happy Meal

McDonald's has been under fire for its lack of healthy choices for kids--in particular its Happy Meal.

So, they have come up with a meal to appease the critics--they're cutting the french fry portion in half, and adding a quarter-cup of apple slices (without caramel dipping sauce) to every Happy Meal.

The new meals will be rolled-our slowly, starting in September.

Unfortunately, the Happy Meal appeasment is not enough to make the San Francisco Board of Supervisors happy enough <pun> to allow McDonald's to include Happy Meal toys on their children's menu.

You see, San Francisco passed a law last year banning free toys in meals that fall short of certain nutritional standards — including a serving each of fruits and vegetables. The new Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal will have 435 calories and 17 grams of fat, compared to the original 530 calories and 23 grams of fat of the previous version, but that just isn't enough for the SF Supes.

The Bay Citizen
reports that a quarter-cup of apple slices, or half a serving of fruit, is only half the amount called for by the law. And the new 1.1-ounce serving of French fries falls below the three-fourths cup of veggies required (yes, fries are considered a vegetable by the U.S. Department of Agriculture).

McDonald's USA President Jan Fields says that the toys are the meal's "...most fun part... That's what makes it happy." Fields went on to say that adding vegetables to Happy Meals would “probably exceed what a child would be willing to eat.”

With an attitude like that no wonder they can't find a solution to make children, parents, and health food and child obesity advocates happy.

Shouldn't it be the food that makes them happy?

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