McDonald's is soaking up local color to appeal to European tastes. Go ahead, try a McArabia or a McBaguette.

McDonald’s has been trying to soak up the local culture in Europe, and make a connection with regional favorites. No longer are they content with selling American burgers, fries and a shakes to everyone on the planet. They’re looking to appeal to regional culinary tastes as well.

In 14 European countries, McDonald’s is offering menu items like the Rye McFeast in Finland and the McArabia in Morocco. Not to mention Viennese Iced Coffee and Wiener Fruhstuck in Austria; Gazpacho and the Capricho Manchego in Spain; and the Croque McDo and the McBaguette in France.

Regional appeal is important to expanding its market and helping customers help connect to the brand. In France—where they call the fast food company “McDo,” they’ve tried selling wine, changing product names for decades, but recently they’ve been more aggressive in their efforts.

Last month they test-marketed three limited-edition burgers featuring locally produced cheeses. And now, for six weeks starting April 18, the 1,228 McDonald's restaurants across France will feature the McBaguette. It is a burger topped with French-made Emmental cheese and mustard between two pieces of bread that looks similar to a French baguette—although decidedly more square in shape. Ninety-eight percent of French citizens eat bread every day, and 65% of the two billion sandwiches sold each year in France are baguette-based, according to reports.

While we get the association of baguettes and the French, we are still unsure about McDonald’s decision to sell a Chicken Salsa Cheese sandwich in Denmark.

Sources: The Sun and The Wall Street Journal

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