Mr. Peanut speaks--and he sounds a lot like Robert Downey Jr.

Celebrity voiceovers are incredibly commonplace.

Jeff Bridges is the voice of Hyundai.

Patrick Dempsey has spoken for State Farm, John Corbett for Applebee's and Allison Janney for Kaiser Permanente.

And, now, Robert Downey the voice of Planter's Peanuts.

Yep, Mr. Peanut speaks!

Kraft Foods (Planter's parent) is attempting to modernize the face of the brand by updating Mr. Peanut's wardrobe, and giving him a voice--well, giving him Robert Downey Jr's voice, actually.

Or as Stuart Elliott of The New York Times puts it:

On Madison Avenue, there are talking dogs, talking horses, even talking margarine tubs, not to mention talking brand characters like the E*Trade babies and the Keebler elves. But Mr. Peanut, the dapper Planters mascot since 1916, has never spoken — until now.

Kraft's senior marketing director, Jason Levine, says of the update, "Having him able to speak is bringing him to life as a personality and people can engage with him more."

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