New Comcast Logo Adds NBC Peacock.

The famous NBC peacock was dropped from the NBCUniversal logo after the company was acquired by Comcast (they own a 51% stake in the company).

Now, a redesigned logo for parent company Comcast has popped up on a new corporate website and like a phoenix, the peacock has risen.

The new logo has the peacock sitting proudly atop the simple “Comcast” name. It replaces one that features a red crescent and the Comcast name. 

The NBC peacock had been around since 1956. In recent years the peacock has also been used by cable channels within NBCUniversal, NBC's immediate parent, such as MSNBC and CNBC.

When the peacock was dropped in 2011, the new logo drew some criticism from long-time employees, but was seen as a symbol of Comcast's lack of interest in the rich creative history of the company. 

So, the reemergence of the peacock in the parent’s logo is an important decision.

The new logo reportedly will gradually replace the old one on Comcast cable bills, in ads and on service trucks.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the logo was showcased in an internally broadcast staff meeting Monday led by Comcast chairman and CEO Brian Roberts, NBC Nightly News host Brian Williams and Comcast Cable president Neil Smit.

"The peacock is one of the most recognizable brands in America, and if you look at the iconic peacock with the modern new font for Comcast, it brings together the whole concept of media and technology," said a Comcast spokeswoman.


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