Nintendo warns children not to watch their 3-D games

Nintendo is warning parents that young children shouldn't play 3-D games on its new game device, citing health concerns.

3-D movies for children at movie houses and on HD televisions are becoming ubiquitous, so placing a child warning on their new game device is like shooting themselves in the foot.

The company says children under 6 years old shouldn't play 3-D games on the coming Nintendo 3DS hand-held game machine. It says that children looking at 3-D images for a long period of time could have eyesight development issues.

The Wall Street Journal notes that there is "scant evidence of medical dangers," of the affects of 3-D games on children, so it is suprising, and unknown what prompted the warning from Nintendo. Some people in the industry speculated that it was a prospective effort to fend off litigation.

Nintendo said parents should use a parental-controls feature to block access to the 3-D mode of the device. Younger players can still play the device in 2-D mode.

Image source: WSJ

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