Oil Story 3: Canadian oil company renames itself Pixar...seriously

Paramount Resources, a Canadian oil company with a name connected to one film company--Paramount, has renamed a subsidary after another film company--Pixar.

As strange as this sounds, it appears to be a legitimate naming shift, with a press release issued on the company's website.

Paramount Resources Ltd. (TSX:POU) ("Paramount" or the "Company") is pleased to announce the reorganization of all of the Company's oil sands and carbonate bitumen interests into a new wholly-owned subsidiary, Pixar Petroleum Corp. ("Pixar"). The reorganization is being undertaken to create a focused, self-funding oil sands entity in order to accelerate the development of Paramount's bitumen interests.

We look forward to their release of Oil Story 3.

Additional sources: Boing Boing and The Disney Blog

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