FIVE SCOOP: Olive ONE is the First Affordable High-End Music Player Powered by the Crowd.

The new Olive ONE All-in-One Home Music Player is a networked music player and docking station worth a look. It gives you audiophile sound quality (32-bit/384kHz DAC by Burr-Brown and dual HD amplifiers) at an amazing price point--$399. The built-in hard disk drive turns ONE into your own subscription-free “Home Cloud.” Allowing access to your music anywhere in the world.

Olive ONE is being introduced using the IndieGoGo crowdfunding platform.  The company has pre-production prototypes, and the IndieGoGo campaign will allow the company to involve music lovers, app developers and artists in the product by suggesting features, voting on them, developing apps for its open platform, and inputting on the long-term product roadmap. The product is slated to ship in summer 2013 (SDK for app developers already in May). 

“Traditionally, music lovers haven’t had much voice or choice regarding how they’re able to enjoy music at home,” said Robert Altmann, co-founder and SVP of Business Development, “The Olive ONE changes this. We involve our crowdfunding supporters, and customers, directly in key decisions, from features to design aspects, and other exciting choices. The ONE even has a direct feedback button built-in, so users can continue to help us evolve the player post-launch.”

Besides the $399 level for getting early access to an Olive ONE, the company is also providing $50 and $100 gift-cards that can be applied to the purchase of an Olive ONE at a later date.  

“Crowdfunding is not the typical modus operandi for an established company,” said Dr. Oliver Bergmann, co-founder and CEO. “However, the idea behind Olive ONE is big, and we believe that the platform will redefine how we enjoy music at home. We need the direct involvement of users, artists and app developers to get there.”

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