On opening day of Starbucks first Evolution Foods juice bar, someone slipped on some "vegatables" (sic)

We recently reported that Starbucks had purchased juice bar company Evolution Foods, with plans to open free-standing stores. Well, opening day has come on the first Starbucks-owned Evolution Fresh juice bar in Bellevue Washington—close to Starbucks headquarters.

The juicy bar will sell fresh and bottled fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies and food, including wraps, salads and soups. The shops will sell vegan and vegetarian options.

In a small misstep on opening day, one of the promotional displays had an embarrassing typo. The sign reads "Most fruits and vegatables [sic] are: fat and cholesterol free."

Not since Dan Quayle’s “potatoe” spelling in 1992 have we chuckled so much at another’s typographical gaff…I mean gaffe.

We’re sure a replacement sign is already on order.

Starbucks paid $30 million for Evolution Foods which was started by the founder of Naked Juice, which is now owned by PepsiCo, and is part of Starbucks distributed strategy of offering a broader range of products across multiple distribution channels. The juices will also be sold in Starbucks' company-owned stores this year.

Sources: Reuters and Huffington Post

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