Panty by Post: "Make the postman blush"

There are Book of the Month Clubs, Wine Clubs, Cookie Clubs, and Fruit, Flower and Meat Clubs.

So why not a pretty pany of the month club?

I met one of the founders of Panty by Post several months ago, and while not in their target market, I love the innovative concept, and the magical way they're trying to spread the passion they have for the french...and panties.

Panty by Post selects a panty and ships customers a wonderful surprise every time a panty is delivered by the local postman.

The Canadian start-up was founded by two women who were Francophiles who saw the passion the French had for panties.

They wanted to spread that panty-passion around the world, so they started Panty By Post, offering women French panties of superior quality and comfort, at an excellent price point--easily delivered through the mail service.

Different styles of panties are shipped out to subscribers on a monthly basis--giving an element of surpise and delight to their customers (PbyP says they see little customer dissatisfaction in their monthly deliveries).

Panty styles include hipster, thong, bikini, and vintage and you can select order options like "Sexy Single," "Double Dare," "Ménage à Trois," "Sultry Six" and "The Commitment Package" (receive 12 panties per year). Not to mention special packages for brides, curvaceous gals and even men.

Their largest subscriber markets are Canada and the US, but they see emerging markets in France and other parts of Europe and the Middle East.

It sounds like the perfect holiday gift for someone you love--even yourself.

NOTE: We've written about Panty by Post a couple of other times. You can read more here and here.

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