Pizza Hut Shoves a Cheeseburger and Chicken Strips into Its Novelty Pizza Crusts.

OK, I guess we need to call this a trend. First, there was cheese stuffed crust, and pizza with meatballs and cream cheese. Then Pizza Hut introduced Hot Dog Stuffed crust and the trend exploded. Now watch as Pizza Hut Middle East introduces pizza crusts stuffed with…wait for it…cheeseburgers and chicken strips.

“Hail Pizza Hut’s Royal Masterpiece, made with perfectly grilled cheeseburger gems.”

Novelty pizzas, as they are called, are building up steam and increasing waistlines around the globe. As the Huffington Post points out, “These Crown Crust Carnival pizzas aren't just about the pizza perimeter. Lest the cheeseburger crust was not enough meat, the pizza itself includes meat as a topping. Ditto goes for the chicken strips -- there is chicken both on the crust, and as a topping.”


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