Qantas Flight Delayed Due to Pajama Shortage.

There are certain things in life that some people feel they simply can’t live without.  For a pair of First Class passengers on a recent Los Angeles-to-Melbourne flight on Qantas Airways, they could not imaging flying without a pair of XL-pajamas.

The Australian couple reportedly complained to the airline crew as the plane was preparing to taxi from the terminal. You see, Qantas offers first class passengers "soft and luxurious pajamas and slippers" for their overseas flights. But unfortunately this crew was all out of the XL-size pajamas requested by these passengers. The First-Classers caused such a ruckus that the flight departure was delayed. The couple were offered a pair of pajamas from Business Class, but they declined.

After the couple disembarked, the plane was delayed further as the couple’s bags were retrieved from the cargo hold.

Once the situation was resolved, the captain made an announcement to the remaining passengers: "He said: 'Just to inform you all, the reason we've had the delay is because two of our first class passengers refused to fly on this plane as there was no extra large pajamas on board for them.'"

Laughter reportedly ensued.

Read more at the Herald Sun

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