Quality, Fueled by Hairy Australian Fun

Scott McDonald’s got a formidable beard. Just look at this Aussie’s rebellious bristles. With foliage that thick, anything less than careful, dedicated, and thorough grooming is not an option. It’s a lot of work, to be sure. Some might say, just shave the beard, but Scott went ahead and started a company instead to help him, and others, manage facial hair. Today you can buy a line of handmade Australian beard balms from Scott’s very own— Scoop Deluxe.

“I started Scoop Deluxe from the desire to have an all-natural beard product for my personal use,” says Scott, “All I could find on the market was products that had various products including petroleum-based ingredients and I didn’t like that.”

Although Scoop Deluxe has only been on the market for about a year, Scott foresees big opportunity for growth. He’s already got eight stores that stock Scoop Deluxe throughout Australia and a few online distributors based in the UK. His customers range from “Burly lumberjacks to office workers,” Scott says, and they love him because he doesn’t pretend to be someone he is not. “My social media sites are all me being me. I'm more than happy to have a laugh and act the fool in customer pics with my product.”

Scott’s lightheartedness doesn’t come at the expense of quality. Scott does thorough research into what goes into his product, and makes sure he gets it right the first time. “I'm very particular with my product and conducted a lot of research into quality oils and organic wax that were best for skin and hair, I have a lot of repeat customers as well as new ones everyday, to me word of mouth and quality product sells itself.”

If you harvest your own fine plantation of facial fur, but don’t happen to live in Australia, check out Scoop Deluxe here.

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