Santa Paws is coming to a Kimpton Hotel near's paw-tastic

Kimpton Hotels is known for their dog-friendly guest policy. And now, they've found a new way to get pets and their owners into a holiday mood (and to spread a little good cheer about Kimpton Hotels).

This weekend, Kimpton is offering dogs, cats and other pets the opportunity to sit on Santa's lap and pose for pictures.

The call it...Santa Paws.

"We welcome lots of dogs, but any creature (as long as it fits through the door) is welcome. And just a reminder to you proud 'parents': Please bring your own camera."

Not only is Santa Paws a totally jolly time, but it helps charity, too. During the event, the hotels are raising awareness for local animal organizations, ranging from The Animal Rescue League to Freedom Service Dogs to Chicago’s Anti-Cruelty Society.

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