Saying no to Mary Jane: Facebook bans image of marijuana leaf in ad campaign for "Just Say Now"

Recently, an organization promoting the legalization of the use marijuana created a campaign called "Just Say Now" and began running ads using the Facebook advertising platform (Facebook Ads).

Their effort features a call-to-action to "sign the petition to President Obama to support states' rights to legalize marijuana."

The organization test marketed two campaigns, one featuring an image of President Obama, the other featuring an image of a marijuana leaf. It turns out the pot leaf ad was twice as effective as one with Obama's image. 

Their efforts were dashed, however, when Facebook alerted the organization that the use of the cannabis leaf violated their rules against the use of "illegal content."

Facebook said it has not banned the ad promoting legalization, just the leaf. "We'd like to reiterate that Just Say Now can promote their campaign and petition through Facebook Ads as long as they use another image," said Annie Ta, a spokeswoman via

"We're not allowed to show the image of the candidate that we are advancing," said Michael Whitney, with, a progressive blog that is part of the campaign and has called on Facebook to retreat from its "really backwards decision."

5 Blogs Before Lunch things both parties to this matter should just chill out, dude.

Ad image via Just Say Now

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