Sniff My Pants: Naked & Famous Denim beg you to scratch-n-sniff their raspberry scented jean

Dude OH: "Hey baby, wanna scratch-n-sniff my pants?"

We think Juicy Couture must have inspired these jeans. Afterall, what’s more juicy than scratch-n-sniff raspberry jeans?

But seriously, who was it that raised their hand in a product development meeting and said “I have an idea, let’s make our guy’s jeans smell like raspberry.”

Better yet, who was it that thought there was a market of dudes who will pay good money to buy jeans that smell like raspberry.

"Many of our male customers don’t wash their jeans very often anyways," Brandon Svarc, the founder a head designer of Naked & Famous Denim said. "In fact, some 'denimheads' don’t ever wash their jeans at all."

The folks at Naked & Famous say that their raspberry scented jeans retain their smell for up to five wash cycles, assuming these dudes get around to ever washing them that many times.

Naked & Famous Denim says use only the most unique and rare denim fabrics from Japan, and are committed to producing only the best (and most expensive) denim in the world.

The jeans cost around $150 a pair.

The vision of a dude scratching at his jeans and asking a girl to sniff his pants? Priceless.

Sources: Adweek and Business Insider


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