Starbucks is selling more beer, wine and savory snacks as they expand their afternoon menu.

Starbucks wants people come back for more, and more--all throughout the day. Over the last couple of years, they've been market testing an afternoon menu of alcohol (beer and wine) and savory snacks.

"As our customers transition from work to home, many are looking for a warm and inviting place to unwind and connect with the people they care about," Clarice Turner, Starbucks' senior vice president of U.S. operations, said in a news release.

Way back in July 2009, we posted a report that Starbucks was about to beging testing a new retail concept in Seattle that included the sale of alcohol on premise. The chain then started selling late afternoon savory snacks and alcohol at one shop in Seattle in October 2010. Now, five stores in the Seattle area and one in Portland, Oregon offer the extended menu.

Now comes word that they are expanding the concept, and will begin selling beer and wine in a small number of Starbucks in Southern California and Atlanta. Starbucks is also planning to add savory snacks, cheese plates and hot flatbreads to menus in four to six outlets in each market to see if they might entice people to start a different sort of habit--the Starbucks happy hour. We call it "Boozy-bucks."

Source: Los Angeles Times and

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