Starbucks says “We’re going to Disneyland”

Starbucks has announced a partnership with the Walt Disney Company to open stores inside of Disney theme parks.

In a delicate dance to keep the fantasy of the parks front and center, the Starbucks stores will be designed to tie thematically with each location. For example, at Disneyland, the store will be called the Fiddler, Fifer and Practical Cafe, after the characters in the Three Little Pigs.

A shop at Disneyland California Adventure will be the first to open this summer, with other locations to follow at Disneyland (California) and Walt Disney World (Florida)— Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot.

The Starbucks logo will not be posted outside the shops inside Disney parks, although the name will be printed vertically on posts on either side of the entry way. The AP reports that Baristas will wear aprons that Disney says will match the decor, rather than the forest green aprons employees wear at other Starbucks. The cups will also be co-branded. In addition to the full Starbucks menu, the coffee chain said its stores may offer a "Mickey Mouse cookie or two."

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