Starbucks squashes the look-alike logo of small British cafe

The logo of a small village cafe in the UK looked a little too familiar to the folks at Starbucks.

"The sign is very similar, but I thought it wouldn't be a problem." said the owner of Boulder's Coffee Lounge.

Visitors to Boulders' in Borth, Ceredigion were greeted by a green, white, and black circular logo that, side by side, looked unmistakeably similar to the Starbucks brand.

Derek Edwards, the owner of Boulders, said it was an "innocent mistake"

Still, Starbucks' lawyers asked them to cease and desist. And they did.

A Starbucks spokeswoman said: "Over the last 40 years our logo and name have come to mean great coffee and service to millions of Starbucks customers, so it's important that we take care that its misuse does not cause confusion.We have asked the coffee shop to change its logo to make it clear that it is not a Starbucks to avoid this situation happening again."

"Boulder's owner also said, "We do an excellent cup of coffee at very reasonable prices, with good service, and I hope those who visited us were not too disappointed to find they were not in a Starbucks."

Source: BBC

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