Starbucks to sell "Verismo" single-serve coffee brewing machines...a Venti Caramel Macchiato from your own kitchen?

Starbucks Coffee is expanding from its retail roots with a strategy of becoming a diverse consumer-products company. As part of this plan, they’ve been expanding into home-based products, and have just announced plans to sell Starbucks-branded single-serve coffee makers so consumers can brew at-home espresso-based beverages and brewed coffee.

The company who pioneered location-based coffee experiences has been dabbling in the home brewing machine business for some time, with its partner Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, but it has now developed a single-serve system with Germany-based Krueger that it is calling Verismo.

The Seattle-based coffee chain says the Verismo will go on sale online, at high-end specialty stores and at some Starbucks cafes this fall.

Starbucks’s consumer products strategy aims at building a business that will one day rival its coffee shops in sales—which now represent 82% of its $11.7 billion fiscal 2011 sales.

Viva la Verismo.

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