Swiss Labor Rights Group Wants George Clooney to Stop Nestle from Using "Slave-Like Labor" to Make its Nespresso Coffee

Actor George Clooney has been endorsing Nestle's Nespresso coffee company for years.

Now, a Swiss labor rights group is asking him to stop his endorsement due to what Solidar Suisse says are the company's exploitation of coffee pickers in Nicaragua. The group is attempting to convert Nestlé to using fair trade coffee.

The fake commercial features a Clooney look-alike nearly getting flattened by a falling piano, then getting impaled by a generic Espresso sign. "Sorry, George, that's what it feels like to be exploited as a coffeemaker," the narrator says. "Nespresso is one of the most expensive coffees but sadly is not fairly traded. George Clooney can change this. Please write to him at"

According to Daily Finance, Nespresso has denied the spoof's claims, offering in a statement, "We have been committed to responsible coffee sourcing and we intend to defend Nespresso's integrity and reputation."

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