Taco Bell says "Thank you for suing us." Really?

A law firm has filed a class action lawsuit against fast food chain Taco Bell, saying that its beef taco filling is short on...beef.

The lawsuit says Taco Bell falsely advertised its products as containing "beef," as its tacos and burritos contain binders and extenders, and less than 35% USDA inspected beef.

The USDA insists that taco filling contain at least 40% fresh meat for approval. Taco Bell claims their filling contains 88% fresh beef, while the lawyers who brought the suit say their test say the taco filling is less than 35% beef.

As part of their response, Taco Bell ran a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and USA Today claiming to tell the "truth" by listing the ingredients of its beef.

Unfortunately, while attempting to prove the lawyers wrong, Taco Bell is admitting that its beef does contain fillers--just less than what the lawyers claim.

And while fillers may be a common prepared food ingredient, no consumer wants to be reminded that by biting into their favorite taco, they're stomaching things like "isolated oat product," an "anti-dusting agent" and "silicon dioxide."


Apparently, Taco Bell calls these added ingredients their "Secret Recipe."

Clearly there is a reason they should be kept secret.

To demonstrate the absurdety of this bruhaha, Stephen Colbert featured the controversy on his Colbert Report: "It is beef-y. Or beef-ish? At the very least it is beef-adjacent. Let me put it this way: On a scale of one to beef, it's got something in there."

As to the USDA inspection claims, "Who cares what the government says? I say if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, glue some hooves on that thing and call it beef."

Sources: USA Today and Eater here and there

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