The 5 to 9 workday: following the purpose driven life.

It's interesting. When it comes to work, everyone seems to be on a similar schedule. We wake up (exercise if we're lucky), eat breakfast (if we’re lucky) and head to work, in by 9 out by 5. Let's be honest, a majority of people in this universe work jobs that don't define them. In other words, people aren't always working to pay the bills in a vocation that embodies their passion. That's ok...because luckily for us there are more hours in the day beyond a mere 9 to 5  to do what we love.

In college I had the pleasure of meeting a brilliant creative named Eric Holubow. By day Eric is a Senior Strategist at Arc Worldwide. By night, Eric transforms into a professional photographer. Now. Eric never went to school for photography, he just loves it. Loves it so much that he decided to go for it. He realized that he probably couldn't "pay the bills" as a photographer, but he could certainly make time in his day to follow his passion. With that his 5 to 9 job is an urban exploration photographer.

I had a chance to catch up with Eric last week and ask him about why he created his 5 to 9. Eric explained, "[In my 9 to 5], I work in an industry that creates purpose-driven brands. Without purpose/ideals people have no reason for being." It's an amazing concept that I'm afraid is mostly void from my generation (Gen Y). People accept whatever position that's in front of them and put what they truly love (especially if it's creative) on the back burner. Why? Because it won’t support them, and it would be irresponsible to pursue something that couldn’t pay your bills. So then we are left asking ourselves what is the purpose in our day to day. Are we meant to get up in the morning everyday of our lives just to die? Are we meant to “just get by?” Is it just fear of billpayitis? Nobody said you had to quit your day job. So why are people of my generation really avoiding their passion?

Eric answered this exact question, "It's almost an expectation that things come to them [Gen Y’ers], rather than realizing that they need to have intentions to achieved desired outcomes." It's the ole saying - you never get a hit if you don't swing the bat. But that still doesn't answer the question. Why aren't people "taking a swing" Eric takes this another step further:

"It's just simple. They can visualize their 'destiny' and go through the motions getting there. It's about having expectations and fearing uncertainty. It takes a leap of faith to follow your dreams/passion/heart.”

I think he nailed it. And I can say that Eric is a prime champion of the "purpose driven life" and what can be accomplished in your 5 to 9. Fueled by his passion, Eric's photography has been seen in a variety of Chicago galleries and exhibitions, he's been featured on CBS, and Yahoo! Weekend Edition, and he just keeps plowing ahead, continuing to take giant leaps of faith.

With all that, the truth is Eric is amazing at his 9 to 5. However, he makes time to follow his true passion in photography. His 5 to 9 job is his "purpose driven life." If you look at things from his perspective, it breathes new excitement and opportunity to waking up each day. So next time you get up for work just think, what did I used to love to do - or what would I REALLY love to do? Finish your 9 to 5 strong but think about how you can incorporate your passion into your day bit by bit. Before you know if you’re going to start an amazing new career like Eric. Best perk about this new job? You get to make your own hours.

Get excited - get going. 

Want to visualize a “purpose driven life?” Be sure to check out Eric Holubow’s photography and an upcoming exhibition of his work.


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