THE FIVE-STIR CHALLENGE: Top 10 Corporate Buzz Words to Purge From Your Vocabulary.

We all use them—those words and phrases that litter our vocabulary in meetings, business lunches and in emails. We’d never use them in “real life,” and we didn’t learn them in school. They are the colloquialisms that are both ubiquitous and have become vacuous, and throw-away phrases. 

So, here's the challenge: go through a day at work and count how often you use any of these ten corporate buzz words. Then, reduce that number each day until you’ve purged them from your day-to-day business world. Treat it like a nicotine patch or 12-step program. Trust us, by finding new, less trite terms to describe activity, you’ll find that others will pay more attention to what you say, and you’ll fire-up brain cells that you’ve let sleep-in way to much.

  1. Reach-out: “I’ll reach out to Tom to see if he can meet-up”
  2. Circle-back: “Why don’t you circle-back to me on that.”
  3. Touch-base: “Let’s touch-base by the end of the week.”
  4. Meet-up: “Let’s schedule a meet-up.”
  5. Hard-stop: “Can we wrap-up in a few minutes? I have a hard-stop at 4.”
  6. On-board: “We need to get them briefed and on-boarded by the end of the month.”
  7. Bring-inside: “I want to bring you inside on this controversial issue.”
  8. Eye-to-Eye: “I don’t think we are seeing eye-to-eye on this approach.”
  9. Synch-up: “Can we synch-up after lunch?”
  10. Buy-in: “I need to get executive buy-in before we can on-board the rest of the team at this week’s meet-up. Let me circle-back with you later, and we’ll touch-base before my hard-stop at 4.”
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