The Royale With Cheese Gets a New French Cousin at McDonald's--the burger avec du fromage

The French version of McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese was made famous in the film Pulp Fiction. And, although the "Royale with Cheese," is not the official name of the Quarter Pounder with Cheese in France (it is really the Royal Cheese), we say vive la différence to all things french (including French fries, French onion soup and French toast).

So we were excited to hear McDonald's in France will be deviating from the norm when it comes to their cheeseburgers. They'll be no American-styled sesame seed buns on these burgers (they'll be on a baguette of course) and no American Cheese either. All cheeseburgers will be topped with AOC-certified French cheeses including Cantal, Fourme D'Ambert, and Saint-Nectaire. (A fourth generic chevre option is also available.)

What was McDonald's inspiration for the Fromage burger? Perhaps it was Wendy's Foie Gras Burger in Japan.

Ooh la la.  

Viva la novelty sandwich craze.

Viva the burger avec du fromage.

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