The Top 5 Creative Professionals.

Finding your life's passion is one thing, but finding work that exemplifies your passions is wholey another. We take a look here at some of the pro's who have managed to mix business with pleasure, in the very best way possible.

1) Cartographer & Artist Chase Langford

“Imagine the effect of spending much of a lifetime intimately tracing coasts, rivers, and highways…” Chase developed and honed his skills as a Cartographer at UC Santa Barbara and quickly evolved into crafting contemporary and abstract paintings of geographic locations. Hit the link for more on Chase’s topographical passions.

2) Chef Russell Jackson

Jackson, sometimes better known as The Dissident Chef and owner of Lafitte, strives to create meaningful and significant experiences for customers, making serving delectable foods to people, his life’s passion.

3) Potter & Ceramicist Ryan Mennealy

Second generation potter and self identified as inquisitive, Ryan Mennealy has always had a creative itch in need of a scratch. “Whether it's a mathematical formula, a glaze recipe, or why the sky is blue, I love to know why things are what they are.”

4) Hollywood Costume Designer Daniel Orlandi

Meet Daniel Orlandi, costume designer for the stage, television, and Hollywood. He fancies himself more of a Psychologist from time to time and has worked with the likes of Ron Howard, Joel Schumacher and Jay Roach.

5) Color Pencil & Graphite Artist Elizabeth Patterson

All too often is Elizabeth's artwork confused as Photography, she instead uses colored pencils and solvent to create ultra realistic views of the world around us. "I want to create an experience that pulls the viewer into a multi-dimensional world where a moment has been captured - one we have all experienced, but perhaps have not seen as beautiful or magical.”

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