Tommy Hilfiger to create preppy pop-up stores around the globe

Tommy Hilfiger is loving the resurgence in popularity of the preppy-look. And the brand is going on the road (in a very 21st Century way) to show off their excitement.

The company will open traveling pop-up shops in Manhattan/NYC, Paris, Milan, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Tokyo, Madrid and Belgium. Hilfiger will build a replica of a East Hampton beach house in each city, stocked full of the brand's Prep World collection.

It is unclear what will come of the pop-up structures once Hilfiger has moved on to the next city, but we're hoping all of the merchandise will be snapped up by Skip, Biff and Trey before they pack up and move.

Tommy's traveling pop-up adventure begins May 19 in Manhattan.

Sources:  WWD's Menswear and Zimbio

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