Top 10 Careers for Generation Y

Echo Boomers, also known as ‘Generation Y,’ are those born between the late 80s and early 2000s. If you came of age during the latest economic recession, then you know that the concept of careers and the opportunities available to you have changed. Not only has the nature of the job opportunity changed, but the values Generation Y places on a long term career are different as well. There isn’t a trust of the corporate world that other generations have had, during their first phases of employment from the 20s into the mid-30s, Generation Y is more likely to gain entry level positions as companies don’t have the funds to offer training programs as intensive as before the recession. Staying as a student is out for many because of the cost, so here are the top 10 careers where echo boomers will find themselves when they start out.

#10 - Sales Associate

Generation Y has a more casual approach to the work environment that is ideally suited to the role of a sales associate. Their focus is kept more on their personal lives while they can show up at a job they can drop at a moment and have an almost identical replacement for it in a week.

#9 - Waiter

Many Y’ers are catching on that being a waiter is a lot more stable and lucrative career than you would imagine. With youth and energy on their side, they can handle the long shifts at high class restaurants and bring in sizeable tips. Many restaurants are now offering benefit and retirement packages to keep waiters that work well.

#8 - Manager

Being an entry level manager for an individual store location is also common. Some of the prime employees of this age group promote their sales associates to these roles. The position can include discounts, benefits and retirement plans as well as providing a way on to the career ladder in the corporation.

#7- Cashier

Reliable cashiers are always in demand. No matter how far technology goes there always has to be someone who can handle and track the transactions. It is no small skill as many of the positions are front and centre and require customer service talents as well.

#6 - Teacher

There are never enough teachers to go around and this role offers excellent entry into a lifelong career. Many Generation Y graduates from high school opt not to complete a teaching degree but to start with a substitute teaching qualification and work while earning the degree in education that will certify them to teach their subject of choice.

#5 - Supervisor

The role of shift and store supervisor is often filled by someone in this age group. These are experiential positions that often lead to area management positions with chain stores.

#4 –Personal Assistant

The role of the personal assistant has combined the secretary, receptionist and scheduler all into one package. For many of the Generation Y group, this is an ideal position as the role requires a constant switch in priorities and rarely develops into a routine work experience. Assistants can form long term working relationships with an executive and in some industries, are highly sought after by the competition.

#3 - Soldier

A surprising number of Generation Y are enlisting in the active and reserve Armed Forces. Much of this has to do with a fall in job opportunities and rise in education prices since the beginning of the recession. Since many companies will not offer paid training anymore, it can be the best way to get training and get paid while doing it.

#2 – Sales Representative

The sales representative stands the chance of making a very lucrative salary if you have the knack for closing. Positions can be found in just about every industry from auto sales to plumbing and travel. Many of these positions also require frequent travel which makes it very appealing to some Generation Y’ers not yet ready to settle down.

The # 1 Career - Owner

The number one career choice for Generation Y that is proving to be the fastest growing opportunity and the one with the most potential is becoming an entrepreneur. In many ways, this is made possible by the recession as creating a niche for oneself is the best way to ensure income stability. The internet has made marketing and distribution affordable, so starting your own company is easier to do than ever.

Guest Author Richard McMunn is the founder of Richard spent 17 years in the Fire Service and now provides specialist recruitment training for those looking embark on a public sector career. You can also connect with How2become on Twitter

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