“Unexpected Babies:” Olla Condoms introduces you to your virtual son on Facebook:

We've all received Facebook friend invitations from people we don't think we know. But Olla Condoms is taking this activity to a new level with a Facebook campaign called “Unexpected Babies.”

The concept of the campaign is that you receive a friend request from your newborn baby that was conceived because you didn't wear Olla Condoms during sex. A promotional message just below the ad admonishes you to avoid surprises like this one.* Visiting the baby’s Facebook page will show you a complete set of Olla options. 

Brazilian agency AGE Isobar dreamed up the campaign. The agency targeted specific guys and created actual Facebook profiles for their unborn children (by tacking "Jr." on to their names), who then attempt to friend Daddy.

Source: Adverblog and Mashable

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