Visualizing Five Business Cliches

We're all familiar with the workplace jargon—full of metaphors and cliches that either inspire us or make our blood boil. Sometime you might even find that they've entered into your vocabulary without your realizing. For better or for worse, this jargon is here to stay. 

Take a gander at these five images, provided by Shutterstock, that visually represent some of the most common phrases that bosses and colleagues can't help spewing. Put down that TPS report and click through the links below the images to determine your "Business Cliche IQ."

  1. Low Hanging Fruit
  2. The Elephant in the Room
  3. Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen
  4. Burning the Candle at Both Ends 
  5. Think Outside the Box

Contributed by Danny Groner who is the manager of blogger partnerships & outreach for Shutterstock.

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