What’s Sports Got to Do with it? Olympic-sized Terms Used in Business.

With the Olympics in full swing, I thought it was time for another list of sports terms used in business.

  1. Jumping Through Hoops: “My boss had me jumping through hoops to get this assignment done the way he wanted.”
  2. Touching Bases: “Let’s touch bases next week, and figure out a time to meet.”
  3. Throw a Curve: “Jason really threw me a curve on this one. I never saw that promotion coming.”
  4. A Slam Dunk: “Jessica thought getting the contract signed would be a slam dunk.”
  5. Hat trick: “I haven’t seen a hat trick like that since those three new contracts were signed in 2008.”
  6. Touch the wall first: “I knew I’d touch the wall first before all the other sales guys.”
  7. Bull’s Eye: “Brendan’s financial strategy hit it right on the bull’s eye.”
  8. Hole-in-One: “I never thought Scott would get a hole in one on his first day of work.”
  9. Sudden Death: “We were in sudden death on the last day of the quarter, but Helen pulled it off.”
  10. A Gold Medal. “She deserves a gold medal for that performance.”

There must be a million more sports terms used in business. What are your favorites?

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