Whole Foods is going into the bartending business

Whole Foods is reportedly test-concepting serving craft beer and wine for on-site consumption.

In otherwords, they're opening a bar inside a grocery store.

The company recently built bar space inside five stores in California, Arizona, Illinois and Texas. They plan to roll-out to seven stores next year.

The bar in Whole Food's Austin, Texas store seats 20 people offers beer and wine by the glass, as well as "growlers." Many of the bigger stores already have an extensive local beer section, allowing shoppers to buy craft beer from the tap in growlers.

"Coming out of the recession, people are looking for affordable luxuries and more intimate experiences," Whole Food's co-CEO Walter Robb said.

Starbucks also announced last fall that it's baristas will start selling beer and wine at some of its Seattle locations.

Source: USA Today

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