Will Brazilian investors let Burger King customers have it their way?

Burger King's most famous ad slogan, "Have It Your Way," was created in 1974, and attempted to create a differentiator with rival McDonald's. BK revived the tag line in 2004 but failed to produce product that addressed the new needs of consumers.

While McDonald's expanded its menu—adding everything from high-priced salads and cheap snack wraps to cappuccinos and smoothies, BK focused on what they said their "Super Fans" wanted--dollar menus and beefy burgers. The menu has changed little by addressing the desires of a group of 18 to 34 year-old men.

During the recession, McDonald's broadened their audience, widened their appeal, and reaped the rewards of their efforts, while BK's Super Fans--who account for half of all visits to Burger King outlets, sat on their wallets as they were disproportionately hurt by the economic slump.

Now, according to The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal Burger King Holdings is in advanced talks to sell itself to 3G Capital, a little-known investment firm based in New York and backed by wealthy Brazilian deal makers who also control a large stake in the world's largest brewer, in the latest sign of Brazil's ascendance in the corporate world.

Hopefully this change in ownership will prompt a change in strategy--and open Burger King up to more than the desires of their Super Fans.

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