A Frank Lloyd Wright House is For Sale. Usonian Design, Down to The Dog House.

A few months ago we told you about a Frank Lloyd Wright dog house, designed by the architect for the son of owner who commissioned Wright to design the main house.

Now, that main house is for sale.

The Usonian (classic Wright) house is a 3-bedroom, 2-bath sited on a little less than an acre in San Anselmo, California—not far from the Marin Civic Center which Wright also designed.

Homeowner Robert Berger—an engineer and professor at the College of Marin, commissioned Wright to design the house in 1951. Berger was proportedly a huge fan of Wright, and with Wright proselytizing for a New World (Usonian) architecture for the common man. Berger handled most of the construction himself—aided by a Wright associates, architect Aaron Green and finished the house in 1957.

The folks at Curbed have the full skinny on the design details, but suffice it to say the result is unmistakable Wright—and could be called a mini-version of Wright’s Taliesen West.

Berger did get a classic Wright "ship on the desert" house, with a pentagonal main space set on a sharp triangular masonry prow, anchored by the chimney, and one of the few Usonian houses in California.

To design the house, Wright and Berger interacted almost exclusively via mail—with Berger providing requirements and topographic plans, and Wright providing design drawings with little personal interaction.

This was the same style of interaction Berger’s 12 year old son Jim had with Wright when he sent him a letter asking the iconic architect to design a dog house in the style of the main house. Like-father, like-son—fans of Wright, across generations.

While it appears the dog house is not part of the sale, the story and legend is surely part of the $2.5million asking price.

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