"A heartwarming tale of a man, a shark, and their song" Jaws is redited as "Shark Song" to win Camp Kuleshov prize

"Camp Kuleshov" is a competition in NYC, CHI and LA between assistant editors. They are given a film and asked to edit a trailer for the movie taking it from its original genre into another genre. Caleb Hepler's "Shark Song" took first place in Chicago and Shane Reid's verision of James Franco's 127 Hours-- 127: The Grindhouse, won the Los Angeles competition.

Lev Kuleshov, of course, was the early 1900 Russian filmmaker who demonstrated the power of editing by placing repeating footage of an actor in the midst of various scenarios. Audiences raved over the acting (despite the fact that it was always the same shot), demonstrating that viewers see through the lens of their own emotional reactions, what is now known as the Kuleshov effect.

Camp Kuleshov challenges editors to take a film from one genre and edit it to fit into another. The results are almost always brilliant, and we're super proud that two of our assistant editors placed first in their respective cities this year.

Shark Song from Whitehouse Content on Vimeo.

Camp Kuleshov Grand Prize: 127 Hours Grindhouse Trailer from Whitehouse Content on Vimeo.

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