A Venice Palazzo Façade Made of 22 Typographic Fonts and Corten Steel

The Campiello at Palazzo Vigonovo is a 19th Century structure outside of Venice. And, thanks to the architecture and design firm 3ndy Studio it has risen from the ashes (yes there literally was a fire) and transformed.

Most notable in the recontruction is the stunning façade, a 300 square meter sculpture made with 190 sheets of corten steel, etched as a typographic study with lettering selected from 22 different typographic fonts in upper and 
lower case. The typographic structural façade was created in collaboration with Piacenza-based sculpter Giorgio Milani and is intended to harmonize aesthetically and culturally into one graphic image. At night, light emanates through the patterned collections of voids, and to read as a huge piece of paper—or a page of a book.


Discovered via DesignBoom




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