Advertising Agency DW+H Turns to Design Community to Crowdsource a New Name and Logo.

The “crowdsourcing” experiments of the last few years, where marketers asked consumers to create advertising ideas for potato chips, beer and detergents, have had mixed results. Let’s face it, just because you watch a lot of TV commercials doesn’t mean you’re good at creating them. That’s why we have advertising professionals.

But recently, a new crowdsourcing model is emerging, with professionals turning to other creative professionals for help on a project. An example is the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (MUNI) which turned to a crowdsourcing contest for the new logo. A group of 46 artists submitted proposals to replace the current logo, and one by experience design company Method's Paul Miller came out on top. Yes Paul is part of the “crowd” that uses public transport, but he is also a branding professional.

Now comes word that an agency called DW+H—known for its work for the online dating site eHarmony, as well as TRUECar, Hotwire, 21st Century Insurance, and OpenSky, is now embarking on a new crowdsourced challenge. They’re looking for a new name and logo for their agency, and they’re asking the design community at large to help out.

DW+H is partnering with expert crowd-sourcing agency Victor & Spoils and tapping into 6,000 of the brightest creative minds to develop  a new name and logo that reflect its positive change philosophy. “We respect DW+H and its vision to bring like-minded people together for the better of the industry and the clients we all serve,” said John Winsor, CEO of Victors & Spoils. “Creating a world where collaboration gets us further than conventional competitive thinking is a philosophy we can get behind, plus we know the crowd will find it a stimulating assignment.”

 “We recognize collaboration as the new competition,” said Amir Haque, Co-Founding Partner at DW+H. “We believe that the best way for us to be successful creating positive change is to engage others. The more like-minded advocates for a better world we can assemble, the better off we all are.” Frank Striefler, DW+H’s Chief Strategy Officer, was instrumental in the partnership with Victors & Spoils. “We believe an idea can come from anywhere so the agency rebranding exercise is open to all DW+H employees,” said Striefler. “In addition we’ve invited Victors & Spoils to participate because we subscribe to the premise of the crowd being smarter than the smartest person in the room.”

The winning idea submission will be selected on September 3 and will receive $4,000. Go here for more details.

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