Advertising Billboards in Los Angeles to be Converted into "Urban Air" Elevated Bamboo Gardens.

Urban environments are finding innovative ways to incorporate parks into the cityscape. From parklets in San Francisco to the High Line in New York, “bringing green” into the city appears to be all the rage.

Now comes word that a local artist in Los Angeles has a plan to convert Los Angeles advertising billboards into "living, suspended bamboo gardens." L.A. billboards are the bane of environmentalist’s existence. Called “Urban Air,” Summit Media has agreed to donate prominent billboards along major LA thoroughfares to artist Stephen Glassman’s cause.

The effort, according to Curbed, will take a team structural and environmental engineers, planners, media experts, billboard fabricators, bamboo growers, plumbers and outdoor advertising specialists to design and produce the elevated garden.

They say there’s a desire to turn Urban Air into a "kit" that can transform any standard billboard. The project is all ready to go and now has a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the first billboard.

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