Alder New York: Clothing, Injected with a Sense of Wit.

David J. Krause and Nina Zilka founded Alder New York in 2011. From menswear, to their line of all natural apothecary goods, Alder New York believes in functionality of clothing, injected with a sense of wit. Their products are made locally, and are chemical-free.

David and Nina met while students at Pratt institute in the Fashion Department. “We pretty much immediately started collaborating together on different projects,” says Nina, “and by the time we graduated we and a third student had found success in the press and stores with our women’s -wear line, the twentyten.” After what they describe as a “huge learning curve,” David and Nina decided to end that company and form Alder New York.

By learning from their mistakes with twentyten,  Alder New York made the decision not to force quick growth, but to grow the company at their own pace, with the emphasis on quality/well-designed products. “This ethos defines both our menswear line, made here in NYC, as well as our all-natural Apothecary line,” says Nina.

“We are successful because we are willing to change,” says Nina. “We are constantly revaluating our company’s past performance and learning from our mistakes, which allows us to grow. We aren’t afraid to mix things up, quite a bit, if necessary. When we felt the company would be better served if we focused on menswear – where styles change less frequently, allowing more time to perfect—we switched to menswear. When we saw that our all natural hair powder was a success and that people wanted more high-quality products like this, we expanded into lip balms and pomades—something that neither of us had ever expected to be doing when we were fashion students at Pratt Institute.”

This season Nina and David are working to expand from menswear, and have a few women’s pieces planned. They would like to eventually turn into it’s own full line. They also plan to expand their apothecary line soon.

Men or women, David and Nina say the Alder New York customers are people who care about quality. Quality to them not only means what goes into the design and materials, but also includes how they treat people. “We make sure that everyone involved with the workings of our company- from the workers in the factory, to our sales people- are being treated well,” says Nina.

With a passion that comes from wanting to make things, and make those things better than what they already are, Nina and David want to make the best-designed, best quality everything.

You can check out Alder New York here.

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