Artist Chase Langford is Captured by Filmmaker Eric Minh Swenson

Chase Langford is a Los Angeles based artist who creates abstract compositions using the essence of geographic forms to create vibrant, modern works of art. He is influenced by his love of maps and cartography, and influenced by the likes of Richard Diebenkorn and Willem de Kooning, Gerhard Richter, Conrad Marca-Relli, Ed Moses, Brice Marden and Franz Kline.

Filmmaker Eric Minh Swenson recently turned his camera on Chase and created an amazing documentary of the artist at work—showing his process and showcasing the meaning behind his work.

“Filmmaker Eric Minh Swenson is THE top photographer covering the fine art scene in Los Angeles,” says Chase. “When he approached me about an artist profile film I was thrilled. Eric has a huge influential audience that closely follows the art scene and other worlds through his photography. He operates on a combination of extraordinary talent, instinct, experience and drive (heavy fueled by caffeine).”  

The film was shot over several weeks at Chase’s home and studio off Mulholland Drive in the hills of Los Angeles. On day one of the shoot, filmmaker Eric Minh Swenson showed up and immediately started shooting. “The first time he came to my studio he clicked a shot of me even before saying hello,” says Chase, “I knew I would need to be ready with concepts for shots; ready with a works in process at their most interesting stage.” Filmmaker shot artist evolving a huge 11-foot wide blank canvas into a finished piece—capturing it within the ten powerful minutes of “Chase Langford, Morphic Resonance.”

You can learn more about Chase Langford here and filmmaker Eric Minh Swenson here.



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