AUTOROTICA: AC Aceca Grand Touring Coupe (1954-63)

The British AC Cars company produced a closed coupe from 1954 until 1963 called the Aceca (pronounced "A-See-Ka"). AC Cars (abbreviated from “Auto Carriers”) was a specialty car company dating back to 1901 all the way to the present.

The Aceca was a hand-built coupe commonly called a “grand tourer” during its day—a luxury car focused on performance on the road. We love the hatchback styling.

A total of 151 Acecas, 169 Aceca-Bristols and 8 Ford-engined models were built when production halted in 1963—the primary difference in each of the models was the sourcing of the engines.

The Bristol specification added $1000 to the Aceca's $5,400 price tag in the United States. In the UK, the basic car cost £1722.

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