AUTOROTICA: BMW 2 Series Coupe

Automobile companies like to get customers hooked on their brand early. The “cradle to grave” marketing strategy has worked well over the years to get consumers coming back again and again. But BMW (and Mercedes) have had a tough time selling cars that appeal to a younger audience that can’t yet afford a top-of-the-line luxury price. With the 2 Series, it is not the first time that BMW has entered the entry-level compact segment. The BMW 1600 (introduced in 1966), followed by the now-classic 2002, followed by the 1980’s Yuppie mobile the 320i has shown that BMW can make a compact performance car. But the segment’s most recent predecessor—the BMW 1 Series, never really caught on, primarily because of its high price, and small size.

But the folks at BMW believe there is clear water between the BMW 2 Series Coupe and the BMW 1 Series, with the new model assuming a character all of its own. This differentiation is immediately recognizable in the design of the new car, but it also makes its presence felt in terms of performance. The car is bigger, sleeker and more powerful, but its price point (estimated at between $32,000-$43,000) still places it in the high-end of automobile purchasing.

Who wants to go for a test drive?

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