AUTOROTICA: Dean Martin’s Customized Ghia L6.4.

Hollywood crooner and Rat Pack member Dean Martin’s customized 1962 Ghia L6.4 is currently being offered for sale on eBay. Carrozzeria Ghia is one of the most famous Italian automotive design and coachbuilding firms, and there were only 26 Ghia L6.4s made. Each one was individually specified and built for celebrities and industrialists. And Dean Martin's 1962 Ghia L6.4 was customized even further.

George Barris, the man who created the Batmobile (which recently sold for over $4 million) customized this Ghia which still features a pair of original Sixties' Barris Kustoms decals inside the corners of the windshield. The seller, Hyman Cars Ltd of St. Louis says the car has never been restored, nor does it need restoration.

Clearly, the car can stand on its own as a collector's dream, but with the added provenence of Mr. Dean Martin, the car is nothing less than legendary--like the man that onced owned it. Dino was the personification of manly style. Playboy called him “the coolest man who ever lived.” Stevie Van Zandt said “He was the coolest dude I’d ever seen, period...He wasn’t just great at everything he did. To me, he was perfect.” 

The car is looking for a buyer to spend $199,500, OBO. And while the car has been for sale for several months, we are sure the right buyer will come along soon.

“Finished in black that highlights its body lines and the vast glass area of its greenhouse, the oval headlights reflect Barris's touch. It is fitted with a Nardi wood trim steering wheel and all the luxury touches expected of an exclusive Sixties semi-custom. Power comes from a 335hp Chrysler 383 cubic inch V-8 with TorqueFlite 3-speed automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes and air conditioning. Chrome wire wheels with narrow whitewall tires are highlighted by thin chrome accents around the wheel wells and along the rocker panels nicely setting off thin chrome front fender vent trim. The black leather interior is original and has an inviting patina. With provenance, history and exceptional care, Dean Martin's Ghia L6.4 needs nothing to be enjoyed and shown. Its originality and celebrity history are a delight.” 


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