AUTOROTICA: The 50 MPG 1959 Goggomobil TS 250 Coupe.

For around $30,000 you could buy a Toyota Prius that gets about 50 miles to the gallon. Or for that same $30,000 you might be able to find an amazing, brilliant cult icon like the Goggomobil TS 250 Coupe which gets about 50 mpg as well. Yep you heard that right. The 250cc two-stroke motor with four-on-the-floor manual transmission pushes this little car confidently to over 50 mph. 

The German car has a Pininfarina-like styling that seems like it could fit easily zipping through the streets of Rome or

Goggomobil produced several microcars from 1955 until 1969 including a sedans, coupés, a mini Transporter van and pickup.

While very few TW-250 Coupes survive today, they sure beat the Prius in design, and match it in mpg. Which would you rather drive?


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